AWSN believes in the benefits of mentoring both to the mentee and the mentor. If you are a woman working in or interested in working in  Security and would like to be  a mentor or locate a mentor AWSN may be able to assist you.

Having a mentor may provide career guidance, support, and a much needed sounding board all of which are of benefit to women in the  Security sector, and is important for career development (Hansman, 1998). Being mentored and being a mentor has many positive outcomes for both parties, and studies have indicated that people with mentors are more likely to feel satisfied in their careers, be more resilient, and have more optimism about their professional future (Burke, et al, 2006).

While it is widely agreed that mentoring is important in supporting a person in their career, research has suggested that women in particular may have challenges in locating and establishing a positive mentoring relationshp (Noe, 1988).

Acknowledging this challenge, AWSN is committed to supporting women in the Security sector and has many in its cohort willing to mentor or to assist women to locate a mentor.


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