Monday 5 December 2016

IoTSec Australia - Dr Miranda Blogg and the Future of transport

Post by Mandy Turner, AWSN Blog Manager, the current AISA Brisbane Branch Executive and self-confessed nerd.

I was recently invited by my friend and AISA colleague Lani Refiti, to attend an IoTSec Australia forum. I am interested in a wide variety of eclectic subjects, am a total 'computer nerd' and take delight in learning so I was very keen to attend this event about connected transport. 

Dr Miranda Blogg, Director of Connected and Automated Vehicles at the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads spoke about the Queensland government's work on the co-operative transport and automated vehicle initiative. 

Miranda is a civil engineer with over two decades experience in traffic and transport engineering, she is very knowledgable and interesting to listen to. I had the pleasure to chat with her prior to her presentation and was fascinated by the work she does.

Miranda's presentation included discussion around the future of driving with the C-ITS (co-operative intelligent transport system) platform that when applied to equipped vehicles and road infrastructure provides a two way communication between road users and roads. She explained that when C-ITS is successfully implemented in the future the use of autonomous vehicles will become more common. 

I was amazed that autonomous vehicles are really being considered as part of the roads strategy of the future! All I could think of at this point was the 1990 Total Recall movie with the AI cab driver, the Johnny cab!

AI Cab driver - Total Recall 1990 Tristar Pictures
Miranda's presentation was insightful, interesting and engaging. It was a delight to chat with her and she really gave the attendees a lot to think about in her presentation about the future of transport.

IotSec Australia is a not-for-profit initiative lead by industry representatives, including Lani Refiti and Mike Younger, that exists to encourage awareness and sound security practices in the IoT landscape. 

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