Wednesday 3 August 2016

The AWSN pathways programme.

Pathways Programme

Introducing an initiative by the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) to support young women seeking a career in the security sector, the AWSN pathways programme.

The AWSN PATHWAYS PROGRAMMEis a professional development dual programme designed to prepare a select group of young women for a career in the security sector.  The AWSN aims to build a talent pool of high school and university graduates to fill, forge and create existing and new security sector workforce requirements.  The Pathways Programme will provide opportunities to partner with industry and other business environments to provide students and graduates with broad exposure to a variety of roles, and relevant training and development in preparation for a career in various fields which require security specialists with appropriate skill sets.  Admission to the programme will also enable participants to develop networks across the sector in addition.

This provides an amazing opportunity for students and graduates to be exposed to a broad variety of interesting roles, training and preparation for a career in various fields requiring security specialists.

Admission selection for the first programme to be run in 2017 will begin on December 2016. Please register your interest by liking our page 'Awsn cadets'

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