Wednesday 10 May 2017

National Volunteer Week 2017 - thoughts on volunteering


The Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) is run by volunteers and applauds the efforts of all people who volunteer in any capacity to make our world a better place. As part of the National Volunteer week 8-14 May 2017 the AWSN is proud to share with you some thoughts relating to volunteering.

''AWSN has provided me with a forum to communicate and network with peers plus learn from experts within the Information Security industry. Through AWSN I have had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a scenario where everyone benefits: working with student volunteers on aspects of an Information Security program in the corporate environment as well as with mentors who provide guidance on how best to address challenges I face within my job role'' - Marise Alphonse
''an international student pursuing Master of Applied Science (Information Security and Assurance) at RMIT, I was looking for volunteering opportunities to gain Australian local experience, which is helpful for pursuing a career in Australian Information Security industry. Being member of Australian Women in Security Network, I got a volunteering opportunity through Jacqui Loustau, at The Salvation Army – Melbourne head office. The exposure I got at The Salvation Army aligns with the risk assessment, creating policy and procedures. It was a fantastic opportunity which has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including problem solving abilities, good understanding of business, infrastructure and process perspective to information security''.- Ms. Ruchita Parab (RMIT University, Master of Information Security and Assurance)

A common interview question that I have come across several times would be "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?". It was a bit harder to answer during earlier years when I was just an undergraduate student solely focused on studies, but in the present, the answer comes naturally - I wish to become a mentor to younger girls pursuing a career in the industry, just like how the inspiring women of AWSN are to me today. That's the beauty of volunteering for an organisation that aligns with your own personal advocacy - you always feels driven to share the experience with others.
Micah Agustin (RMIT University, Master of Statistics and Operations Research)

“Joining and volunteering with AWSN has broadened my appreciation of security, particularly information security and cyber resilience. I have met many wonderful women (and a few supportive men); learnt lots from each of them; and look forward to continuing to do so. Thanks all! I still need some ‘re-training’, given I started working in security as a Queensland Police Officer. -  Chris Miller, one of AWSN’s Directors; LinkedIn Manager and Co-Lead AWSN Canberra Chapter.”

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