Monday 2 October 2017

AWSN Announcement: AWSN Brisbane chapter

AWSN is organically evolving to continue to connect, support, collaborate and inspire and we appreciate all support past, present and future. Today we announce a change in the Brisbane Chapter Lead, and give thanks to those who have been instrumental in getting AWSN started in Brisbane.

Thanks to Sheena Downey PMP and Sarah Hufnagel for organising the last brissy meet up and giving the AWSN Brisbane chapter a great start! Also thanks to Jodie Siganto  for the first AWSN Brisbane meeting last year.

We are pleased to announce that Amanda-Jane Turner (Mandy) will now be leading the Brisbane chapter with support from both Sheena and Sarah.

If you are in Brisbane and are keen to join, Mandy has lots of great ideas and an amazing passion for our cause. Please reach out to her if you want to be involved. 

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